Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What's it like to be at the pole?

When we disembarked and were allowed to roam the ice, the crew set up safety boundaries by placing poles with red flags in places that might be considered hazardous.  This included the perimeter of the ship, since there was open water around it.  Snow was prevalent, with some drifts rising above our knees.  Surprisingly, the layer below the snow was slushy, which is alarming, even though the ice is at least 9 feet thick in most places.  It was downright spooky to think the sea floor lay 3 miles directly below us, and we're walking around on a layer that appeared to be melting.  We had to put our faith in this seasoned crew, believing that as long as we followed their rules, the North Pole would not be our eternal resting place.  Overly dramatic?  Experience it for yourself and share your thoughts!

Later, we had some whiskey in the Victory Saloon and all is well.

Nothing like a drink chilled with a chunk of glacial ice

Will check in again soon with more insights. Thanks for your support!