Saturday, June 23, 2018


Landed in Helsinki, where the weather is quite comfortable.  Being so far north, this time of year the sun rises at 4:00 AM and sets around 11:00 PM, so the hotels have black-out curtains, since it is bright most of the day.  Up at the pole, the sun rises and sets only once A YEAR.  So in the summer it is always light, and in the winter it is perpetually dark.  Think about it!

Traditional Finnish Architecture
Anyone who has traveled abroad knows there's always a chance of having your checked luggage lost in transit, especially when connecting flights are involved.  Over the years we've seen it all too often, and unfortunately this time it happened to our Travel Quest Host/Co-Executive Producer, Bill Ball.  So we'll need to modify our itinerary in Helsinki to include a shopping trip for clothes and other necessities, in case his bag doesn't make it before we depart for Murmansk, Russia.  When we've gone that far all bets are off, as the only way he could have his possessions in time is if they are brought in by helicopter, and even though he is a big-time television star, that is unlikely to happen!  Stay tuned . . .