Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Momentous Journey

This morning we received our polar jackets and boots, for those times when we will disembark and explore the arctic waters in zodiacs (inflatable motorized boats) as well as the terrain, including the Franz Josef islands and dense ice environments further north.

We attended a very informative and entertaining lecture, given by one of the staff historians, about the Northwest Passage and Mapping the Arctic.  This gentleman reminds us of Sir Richard Attenborough, and we decided he would be a compelling interview subject. During the lecture, we learned the first time a ship reached the North Pole was in 1977 and that our journey is significant because it is the 100th time an icebreaker is carving a path to 90 degrees latitude, the top of the world.

A well-attended presentation in the Aft Saloon
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